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Congratulations to ambition credit for winning the national invention patent of


Recently, good news came from ambition xin research and development center. Ambition company independently developed a patent application (patent number :201210523969.8) for the three-phase current detection circuit for frequency converter, which was authorized by the state intellectual property office and granted the invention patent certificate. The acquisition of the patent marks the ambition credit company's overall technical level of leading domestic level.


This invention discloses a three-phase current detection circuit for frequency converter, the main technical problem is to reduce the cost of current detection circuit while meeting the requirements of current accuracy, realizing the universal control of frequency converter, which is very suitable for application in low-power frequency converter. Compared with the usual holl component testing scheme, it has a great cost advantage, especially reducing the cost of mass production. In some schemes, the three branches of the lower bridge arm of the inverter are short-connected, and then a milliohm resistance is connected to the ground in series, and then the voltage on the milliohm resistance is detected. Although this method is simple, the accuracy is too low in practical application, and it cannot meet the high performance control requirements of the inverter.

As a national high-tech enterprise, ambition has been focusing on innovation and independent intellectual property protection. Up to now, ambition has 41 patents. The patent of "a three-phase current detection circuit for frequency converter" proves the strong technical strength of ambition credit company. The acquisition of the new patent is conducive to the formation of the company's continuous innovation mechanism, the protection of the company's independent intellectual property rights, and the further promotion of the company's core competitiveness, providing a strong technical support for ambition credit to catch up with foreign brands.

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