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The inverter needs to be replaced regularly within the inverter


In the field of electrical control nowadays, the inverter is definitely the leading star in the world. Helpless as an inverter integrating electrical, electronic and other technologies, it is by no means indestructible! In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the inverter, in addition to regular inspection and cleaning of various internal accessories, it also needs to be replaced regularly. For this reason, I refer to various materials and combine the years of work experience to share the replacement time of the five major components inside the inverter with the majority of electricians.

 1. Cooling fan

As a prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of the inverter, an efficient and fast direct cooling fan has become an indispensable variant of the inverter. Due to the influence of objective factors such as the wear of the internal bearing of the cooling fan and the decrease in grease performance during use, the cooling capacity of the fan is often greatly reduced. For this reason, the cooling fan should generally be replaced in 2-3 years.

2。 Contactor / Relay

As a device for charging control of the inverter's internal DC circuit (mostly found in domestic inverter brands, foreign models are mostly replaced by thyristor slow charging circuits), contactors (used by high-power inverters) or relays (low-power inverters). After using for a period of time, faults such as contact ablation and virtual connection often occur. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of early prevention, it is often necessary to replace the contactor or relay in about 2 years.

Three, electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors of various capacities (mostly aluminum electrolytic capacitors) that are responsible for the DC bus filtering of the inverter。 With the increase of use time, electrolytic capacitors are affected by factors such as electrolyte loss, high voltage impact, and the use of ambient temperature and humidity。 It needs to be replaced after 3-4 years。

Four, fuse

In the DC bus circuits of brand inverters such as Huichuan, ABB, Sanpin, etc., fuses are often used for short circuit protection. With the prolonged use time, under the influence of large current impact and temperature factors, the performance of the melt material will often deteriorate, causing the inverter to fail due to undesirable problems. For this reason, the fuse should be replaced every 7 years.

Five, PCB circuit board

This device is often overlooked by most of its peers. In fact, the PCB circuit board used in the inverter, especially the switching power supply, voltage detection and other circuit parts always need to withstand high voltage, so the electrical insulation performance of the PCB board of this part will vary with the The use time is inversely proportional, which is very unfavorable for the use of multilayer PCB circuit boards and some inverters with poor workmanship. For this part of the circuit, 7 years should be used as a replacement cycle.

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