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What are the application areas of the inverter?


Inverter application areas:


1. Air Conditioner


Load office buildings, shopping malls, some supermarkets, and factory buildings all have central air conditioning。 In the summer, when the peak electricity consumption is high, the air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity。 In hot weather, the power consumption of air conditioners in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen accounts for more than 40% of peak electricity。 Therefore, it is a very good power-saving technology to use the frequency conversion device to drive the refrigeration pump, cold water pump and fan of the air conditioning system。 At present, there are many companies specializing in short-circuit regulation in China, among which the main technology is frequency conversion and speed regulation to save electricity。


2. Crusher load


Many crushers and ball mills are used in metallurgical mines and building materials。 The effect of this type of load after frequency conversion is remarkable。


OPE电竞竞猜娱乐3. Load of large-scale kiln calciner


Most large-scale industrial converter kilns (converters) such as metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda used DC, commutator motors, slip motors, cascade speed regulation or intermediate frequency unit speed regulation。 Because these speed adjustment methods may have slip rings or low efficiency, in recent years, many units have adopted frequency conversion control, and the effect is excellent。


OPE电竞竞猜娱乐4。 Compressor load


Compressors also belong to a wide range of loads. Low-pressure compressors are commonly used in various industrial sectors, and high-pressure large-capacity compressors have more applications in steel (such as oxygen generators), mines, fertilizers, and ethylene. The use of frequency conversion speed regulation brings advantages such as low starting current, power saving, and optimized equipment life.


5. Rolling mill load


In the metallurgical industry, in the past, large-scale rolling mills used AC-AC frequency converters in recent years. In recent years, AC-DC-AC frequency converters have been used. The exchange of rolling mills has become a trend, especially in light-load rolling mills, such as the multi-stand of Ningxia Minzu Aluminum Products Factory. The aluminum rolling mill adopts a universal frequency converter, which satisfies the low frequency band load start, synchronous operation between stands, constant tension control, and simple and reliable operation.


6. Loads of winches


The load of the hoist adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is stable and reliable。 The blast furnace hoisting equipment of the ironworks is the main ironmaking raw material conveying equipment。 It requires stable starting and braking, uniform acceleration and deceleration, and high reliability。 Originally, cascade, DC or rotor string resistance speed adjustment methods were used, which had low efficiency and poor reliability。 Replacing the above-mentioned speed regulation method with an AC inverter can achieve the desired effect。


7。 Converter load


For converter-type loads, it is simple and reliable to replace the DC unit with AC frequency conversion, and the operation is stable。


8。 Roller load


Roller-type loads are mostly used in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, and adopt AC motor frequency conversion control, which can improve equipment reliability and stability.


9。 Pump load


The load of pumps is large and wide, including water pumps, oil pumps, chemical pumps, mud pumps, sand pumps, etc. There are low-pressure small and medium-capacity pumps and high-pressure large-capacity pumps.


Many water pumps of water companies, chemical pumps of chemical and fertilizer industries, reciprocating pumps, mud pumps of non-ferrous metals and other industries adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, all of which produce very good results.


10. Crane and dump truck load


Cranes, dump trucks, etc。 have large load torque and require stability, frequent forward and reverse and require reliability。 Inverter control cranes and dump trucks can meet these requirements。


11. Wire drawing machine load


Wire drawing machines that produce steel wires require high-speed, continuous production。 The strength of the steel wire is 200Kg/mm2。 The speed control system requires high precision, high stability and synchronization。


12。 Delivery vehicle load


The use of frequency conversion technology in coal mine's raw coal loading trucks or steel mill's molten steel delivery trucks is very effective. Fast start and stop, strong overload capacity, flexible forward and reverse rotation, smooth coal surface and correct weight (no more or less loading), basically no manual operation is required, which improves the production efficiency of raw coal and saves electricity.

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