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Talk about seven peripheral equipments of frequency converter


Frequency converter is a kind of electrical equipment used to change the frequency of alternating current. In addition, it also has the auxiliary function of changing the AC voltage.

In the installation of the frequency converter, first of all, we need to understand its use situation, and set up different peripheral equipment according to the needs of the site.

The main peripheral equipment of the frequency converter includes air circuit breaker, electromagnetic contactor, AC reactor, braking resistance, DC reactor, output AC reactor, wireless noise filter, etc.

The seven peripheral devices of the frequency converter are described as follows:

1. Air circuit breaker is a kind of automatic apparatus which can not only contact and disconnect the circuit normally, but also operate under abnormal conditions such as over-current, reverse current, short circuit and loss (under) voltage. Its main function is to protect the electrical equipment in the AC and DC circuits, and to operate the circuits infrequently. It is used to cut off the frequency converter quickly to prevent power failure caused by line failure.

2. AC reactor is also called AC reactor and AC reactor for power coordination. Its main function is to prevent harmonic interference of power grid.

3. AC contactor is called contactor for short. It is an automatic electrical appliance used to shield the long-distance connection and disconnection of AC and DC circuits, or large capacitance control circuits. It is mainly used to automatically cut off the main power supply in case of failure of frequency converter and prevent power failure and restart after failure.

4. The radio noise filter is also called the power filter. Its main function is to suppress the transmission of radio signals from the metal pipe line to the equipment, or to suppress the transmission of interference signals from the interference source equipment through the power supply.

5. DC reactor is mainly to suppress the high-order harmonic generated by frequency converter, and its effect is better than that of AC reactor.

6. The output AC reactor is also called the output side anti-interference filter, which is to suppress the influence of high-frequency interference filter on the power side filter.

7. The filter cover is mainly used to prevent dust from entering the frequency converter.

Special frequency converter

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