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Can we rescue the inverter if it gets water?


The frequency converter is widely used in all walks of life. In various applications at ordinary times, it is inevitable that the frequency converter will encounter rainy and humid weather leading to internal humidity or inadvertent water inflow. In fact, as long as it is found in time, it can still be rescued.

If water is found in the state of no power on, first of all, attention must be paid not to power on! Otherwise, it is easy to have a short circuit and burn the circuit board, or even blow up the machine. You can first open the inverter panel, dry the inside of the inverter with dry towel or paper towel, and then dry the display, PC board, push board, power components, fans, etc. with the air conditioner. You'd better use 95% alcohol to scrub the above components once (the alcohol will take most of the water in the volatilization) and then dry them with the air conditioner. After an hour or so, when it's almost dry, scrub it again with alcohol, and then turn on the hot air (low temperature gear) to blow it again.

Pay attention to blow dry the following components: potentiometer, switching power transformer, display (key), relay, contactor, reactor, fan (especially 220V), electrolytic capacitor, power module, which must be dried at low temperature for many times。 Switching power transformer, contactor and power module are the most important。 Sometimes the module may look dry, but there is still water inside。 Check again after a day in a dry environment to see if there is any moisture return, and dry the key components once。 After drying, power on for the first time must be cut off as soon as it is delivered to see the response of the frequency converter。 If there is no abnormal power transmission, it can be used normally。 In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the protection at ordinary times, the frequency converter is not in the state of power on when it enters the water, and the frequency converter generally will not be damaged。

If water is found in the power on state, the power shall be cut off at the first time. If the internal short circuit is not burnt, the above method can be used for remedy. If there is a short circuit burning out of parts, it is better to find a professional inverter maintenance engineer to test and repair.

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