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Top ten "torture" of frequency converter, do you get hit?


In ancient times, there were ten kinds of torture, which made people unable to survive or die, suffering from human purgatory; today, there are ten "torture" of frequency converter, which can also make your inverter suffer from pain。 Following the small make-up, which ten "torture" will let your inverter "life is worse than death"!

One of the top ten "torture" of frequency converter: Loading

If the load is too heavy for a long time, it will not only affect the service life of the motor, but also damage your inverter and shorten its service life.

The second of ten "torture" of frequency converter: Sauna

The surrounding temperature is too high, the fan is blocked, the performance of the temperature sensor is poor, and the motor is overheated. Never do maintenance for frequency converter, frequency converter also needs regular, periodic maintenance and maintenance.

The third of ten "torture" of frequency converter: under voltage

OPE电竞竞猜娱乐Power supply voltage, generator set voltage is not enough, frequency converter frequent undervoltage, easy to cause internal components damage!

The fourth of ten "torture" of frequency converter: rain

Before the installation and commissioning of the frequency converter, it is in a humid environment; after the operation of the frequency converter, the working environment is relatively bad, and rain water enters the frequency converter from time to time, so the electrical components of the frequency converter are in a humid environment for a long time, which is greatly unfavorable to its circuit board。

The fifth of ten "torture" of frequency converter: lightning strike

Not according to the requirements of the equipment manufacturer, not to the inverter grounding and installation of lightning protection measures! Resulting in Thunderstorm time converter easy to damage.

The sixth of ten "torture" of frequency converter: over voltage

Power supply voltage, generator set voltage is too high, inverter power supply for a long time is easy to cause damage to internal components!

The seventh of ten "torture" of frequency converter: corrosion

Due to corrosive gas, the switch and relay are not in good contact. The short circuit between crystals is caused by corrosive gas. The main circuit is short circuited by terminal corrosion. The short circuit between devices is caused by corrosion of circuit board.

Trampoline: the eighth of ten "torture" of frequency converter

All frequency converters are installed on the same rigid foundation, or the foundation is too weak to provide enough strength to restrain the operation vibration of the frequency converter. The frequency converter is just like jumping on a trampoline.

OPE电竞竞猜娱乐The ninth of ten "torture" of frequency converter: cold violence

The frequency converter has never been given enough "attention". The user does not check and regularly maintain the frequency converter according to the requirements of the manufacturer, or does not replace the fan for many years, does not blow soot to the frequency converter, and does not check the looseness of the screw, which makes the frequency converter change from "minor disease" to "incurable serious disease".

Top ten "torture" of frequency converter

If the type selection is not correct, the frequency converter will be overloaded and the cart will be pulled by a small horse. If the parameters are not adjusted to the best use state, the frequency converter will often trip the protection due to over-current and over-voltage, leading to early strain and damage.

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