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In summer, what should inverter pay attention to under high temperature


In the summer, the working environment is very important to the inverter。 Due to the improper selection and use of frequency converter, it will often lead to abnormal operation of frequency converter, even equipment failure, leading to production interruption。 Whether the frequency converter can meet the requirements of the system, the parameter setting of frequency converter is very important。 If the parameter setting is not correct, it is easy to be affected by high temperature and other factors, resulting in the inverter can not work normally。 What should be paid attention to in high temperature inverter?

1. Monitor and record the display parameters on the man-machine interface of the frequency converter, and adjust them immediately in case of any abnormality.

2. The ambient temperature of frequency conversion room shall be monitored and recorded, and the ambient temperature shall be between - 5 ℃ and 40 ℃. In the relatively high temperature, the frequency converter should be adjusted in time to avoid the normal operation of the frequency converter.

3. Due to the high temperature in summer, ventilation and heat dissipation should be strengthened in the installation site of frequency converter to maintain normal heat dissipation. Ensure that the surrounding environment does not contain excessive dust, dust, acid, salt, corrosive and explosive gases.

4。 Summer is also a rainy season。 It is necessary to prevent rainwater from entering the inverter and splashing into the equipment to cause short circuit。

5. Regularly clean the filter screen on the door of frequency converter cabinet; if there is much dust in the working environment, the cleaning time interval should be determined according to the actual situation to keep the cooling vent not blocked and keep the temperature normal.

6. Keep good ventilation and lighting in inverter room, and normal operation of ventilation and heat dissipation equipment (air conditioner, ventilation fan, etc.).

Therefore, in the work, we should pay attention to the heat generated by the inverter, and can not ignore the impact of its heating。 The failure rate of frequency converter increases exponentially with the increase of temperature。 The service life decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature, so we should pay attention to the problem of heat dissipation。

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