How to realize synchronous control of two motors by frequency converter

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Control requirements and modes: 1 the synchronous control mode of two motors is based on one as the main machine and the other as the slave machine。

OPE电竞竞猜娱乐2。 The frequency converters used for synchronization all adopt a voltage of 0-10v for a given speed。 We use no。 1 potentiometer as the main potentiometer, and no。 2 and no。 3 as the fine-tuning potentiometer。

Wiring steps:

OPE电竞竞猜娱乐1) respectively connect the 10V short connection and GND short connection of the two frequency converters, connect the no.1 pin of the main potentiometer to 10V and the no.3 pin of the main potentiometer to GND, connect the no.2 pin of the two fine-tuning potentiometers to the main potentiometer, connect the no.2 pin to AI1 and the no.3 pin to GND,

OPE电竞竞猜娱乐2) operation signals are connected to D11, COM respectively

Inverter parameter setting:

P0-02 command source selection, set to 1, terminal command channel

P0-03 main frequency source X is selected and set to 2 and AI1 terminals

P0-14 lower limit frequency, set as 0.4hz,

P0-17 acceleration time is set to 5S p0-18 deceleration time is set to 5S

Start the inverter, turn the main potentiometer to observe the frequency changes of the two inverters and see if the changes are regular. Revise the frequency by two fine-tuning potentiometers respectively, reduce the frequency by 5HZ, and then observe if the frequency is in accordance with the law. Release the operation key and the inverter stops running

Two points:

1) the 10V terminals of multiple inverters must be short-connected, or they will not work properly due to pressure drop

2) the synchronization control is not the same as the frequency, the basis of whether the synchronization is linear velocity

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